At the Swiss Ticino Guesthouse & Restaurant, we have definitively ceased the activity.

We thank all the customers and friends who have always given us support during the 14 years of activity.

Now the property is on sale and any interested parties are asked to contact the telephone number 089 541 3695 or by e-mail

Heartfelt thanks and best regards from Mam & Frank

Mail: request on property sale 18.6165461 - 98.7570351 Garden and surrounding views Room No. 1 Room No. 2 Room No.3 Room No.4 Room No.5 Room No.6 Rooms Directions from our place Ban kat 8,3 Km Chiang Mai Airport 38,6 KM Doi Inthanon National Park 56,9 Km Pha Chor Mae Wang  National Park 24,8 Km Lamphun City 31,6 Km Perfect place to enjoy sport and cycling activities Restaurant area